The Petition for Dissolution of Marriage is one of the “divorce papers.”  The other “paper” is the Summons.  Whether you live Kendall County, Kane County, DuPage County or some other county in Illinois, the documents which need to be filed are the same–the Court’s filing fees are different for each county.

Your Petition for Dissolution of Marriage must set forth allegations which, if proven true:

  1. Give the Court Jurisdiction to hear the case;
  2. Provide the date of the marriage and county the marriage is registered in;
  3. At least 1 “ground” for divorce;
  4. Allegations regarding the need for support (maintenance/alimony);
  5. Whether there are children, and if so, what are the children’s names, dates of birth, ages, and who the children reside with; and,
  6. Whether you are in need of contribution towards your attorney’s fees.

There are additional allegations which it may be advisable to include in your Petition for Dissolution of Marriage.  Any additional allegations will be determined during your initial consultation.

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